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Promotional Products
Straightedges, Custom Imprinted

Straightedges, by definition, provide a true edge for drawing a straight line. However, most of our high quality promotional straightedges also come with graduations in English and metric graduations. We offer straightedges with a choice of material (e.g., aluminum, stainless steel, wood, and high impact plastic), color (e.g., silver, gold, red, blue, green), length (e.g., 6-inch to 48-inches), and specialty functions (e.g., center-finding provision, conversion tables) on which to custom imprint your logo and/or text. Straightedges are available in the following configurations:
  • Non-slip Straight Edges;
  • Straight Edges with center-finding provision;
  • Straight Edges with English/metric conversion tables;
  • Yardsticks;